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“I started my journey with Clare last last year after reaching a point of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with running a business and being a busy mum.

My sessions with Clare teach me the tools to live a lighter life embracing my vulnerabilities and realising my strengths. I don’t think I would have navigated the difficult journey I have faced over the past few months without her guidance and I leave every session with her feeling lighter.

I didn’t anticipate how much her gentle coaching, empathy and understanding of the challenges faced in both my profession and being mum would help me, my family and even my work team! Can’t recommend highly enough.”

Kerry Molloy

Since undertaking the programme, I have noticed many changes in me, and with my home life. There is much less tension at home, and I am able to enjoy my life and my family much more. These changes have also filtered through to work, and I have a much clearer idea about where my life is headed and what I need to do to achieve my goals.

At the end of the programme I felt much less the victim and much more empowered to be true to myself and to ensure my needs are met. I would recommend this programme to any woman who seems to be stuck in a negative loop, but who wants to take control of their life back to make it better for them and those close to them.



“When I started Clare’s coaching course as a vet, mother, wife and business owner with a strong sense of imposter syndrome, I never imagined the impact it would have in my life.

As Clare is also a vet, wife, mother and business owner, her advice and her knowledge of how to work through each aspect of my life and pull me up have been quite life-changing. Clare has an extraordinary way of asking exactly the right questions and bringing out the very best answers through her coaching methods.

I have loved every session. I can only recommend Clare so highly to other professionals to experience exactly what I have and carry such positivity forward in every avenue of my life.”


Director, Slimming Pets Ltd

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