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“I help people who don’t have the time and energy to live the fulfilled life they desire and allow them to discover a new way of being that lets them flourish”

Clare Knottenbelt BVSc MSc DSAM MRCVS
One of Many™ Certified Women’s Coach

Clare has worked as a vet for 25 years starting in mixed general practice before doing a residency at the University of Edinburgh where she gained a Masters, and the Diploma in Small Animal Medicine.

Clare then moved to the University of Glasgow in 2000. Clare has two children and returned to work part-time after her first maternity leave. She became Director of the Small Animal Hospital when her children were both under 5 and then a Professor a year later.

Having taught students and worked in referral practice for over 20 years, Clare recognised the widespread need for support to manage the pressures of combining work and home life and wanted to find tools that could help women and men flourish and enjoy their lives.

Clare first discovered the One of Many™ tools in 2017 and through them discovered a new way of working that delivered a greater sense of achievement and happiness. Keen to share the tools with others, she trained as One of Many™ Certified Women’s Coach.

She uses her experiences as a working mum to help others who feel short of time and energy most of the time (STEM). She left the University in 2018 to set up her own veterinary oncology business and in 2019 established Hawk and Dove Coaching.

Find out more by emailing Clare below and arrange a phone call to discover how Hawk and Dove Coaching could help you.

I’ve so valued this experience with Clare. She has supported me to grow, feel more trusting and confident in myself. I can see the woods for the trees, the importance of my vision and mission over and above the limiting beliefs and stuff, literal and metaphorical, that keep me pinned down in supposed safety!

I’m braver, calmer, more patient, focused and grateful than before.

Luci, Glasgow

Since undertaking the programme, I have noticed many changes in me, and with my home life. There is much less tension at home, and I am able to enjoy my life and my family much more. These changes have also filtered through to work, and I have a much clearer idea about where my life is headed and what I need to do to achieve my goals.

At the end of the programme I felt much less the victim and much more empowered to be true to myself and to ensure my needs are met. I would recommend this programme to any woman who seems to be stuck in a negative loop, but who wants to take control of their life back to make it better for them and those close to them.

Sam, Glasgow

Claire Knottenbelt
Claire Knottenbelt
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