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“The hawk and the dove represent the two most important aspects we need to consider when providing veterinary cancer treatment”
Clare Knottenbelt BVSc MSc DSAM MRCVS
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Dear Colleagues

I am delighted to announce that Hawk and Dove are offering a range of Oncology Services to support veterinary practitioners in delivering the highest standards of cancer and tumour management.

The aim of our services is to make high quality care more accessible and affordable through supporting veterinary practices and providing clients with the option of online consultations thereby avoiding the need for long journeys and the need to take days off work.

You can sign up for membership directly and can request a referral consultation or advice by completing the online form.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kindest Regards
Clare Knottenbelt BVSc MSc DSAM MRCVS



Have a look at our Resource list
Veterinary Practice Membership

We aim to support veterinary surgeons in delivering the highest standard of veterinary cancer treatment in their practices. Membership of Hawk and Dove is available on subscription to veterinary practices across Scotland.

Membership benefits include access to all the information required to run an in-house oncology treatment service with the emphasis on things that general practitioners can readily implement.

Members Resource List 2019

Resources for Setting up your Practice:

  1. Information on what’s required to start giving chemotherapy
  2. Tumour maps for dogs and cats
  3. Interpreting Haematology in Chemotherapy Patients
  4. Body Surface Area Calculator
  5. Chemo Barrier periods information
  6. Chemotherapy health and safety Handouts for owners (Dogs and Cats)
  7. Chemotherapy Barrier Sign
  8. Proforma for off label consent
  9. Chemotherapy Adverse Events Questionnaire
  10. Chemotherapy Summary sheet – to aid ongoing treatment planning

Standard Operating procedures for:

  1. Preparing cytotoxic drugs
  2. Cytotoxic Drug Administration
  3. Accidental exposure to cytotoxics
  4. Cytotoxic Spill management
  5. Cytotoxic Waste
  6. Chemotherapy Barrier Nursing
  7. Extravasation
  8. Neutropenic patient nursing

Professional development Resources:


  1. Personal Protective Equipment
  2. Drawing up Chemotherapy Drugs
  3. Making up Chemotherapy Solutions from Powder
  4. Managing Chemotherapy Barrier Spills
  5. Placing an Intravenous Catheter for Chemotherapy
  6. Safe Administration of Intravenous Chemotherapy: Bolus Injection
  7. Safe Administration of Intravenous Chemotherapy: Slow Infusions
  8. Chemotherapy Barrier Precautions
  9. Neutropenic Barrier Precautions
  10. Making and Examining Blood Smears
  11. Making and Examining Blood Smears Part 2: Microscope Tips



  1. Interpreting Haematology in chemotherapy patients (Notes)
  2. Assessing a Blood smear (Notes and powerpoint)
  3. ECVIM 2018 Practitioners update
  4. Guide to Staging Priorities for Common Cancers in Dogs and Cats
  5. Guide to Treatment Selection for Common Cancers in Dogs and Cats


Chemotherapy Protocols:

Traditional Chemotherapy

TKI & Metronomic

Palliative Options

CHOP (Canine and Feline)












Chlorambucil & Pred (Canine and Feline)



Doxorubicin & Epirubicin



High Dose COP



Lomustine & Pred



Lomustine Single Agent



Low Dose COP



Melphalan & Pred






Vinblastine & NSAIDs



Vinblastine & Pred



Through the services we provide we hope to ensure that owners still have access to expert advice and feel that the decisions they are making are the most appropriate for their pet, and its associated family members.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

Dr Clare Knottenbelt BVSc MSc DSAM MRCVS


Chemoclave Order Form

Order what you need – simply download and print out our order form and then e-mail your order to clarek@hawkanddovevets.co.uk

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“It helped greatly doing the consultation with you, as it made it easier to understand his condition and treatment options. You are truly a credit to your profession.”


I am a springer spaniel who is in love with life – too much I am told.
I came into the world full of fun – always in bother and often called a pain in the neck -still am!!
Was taken to my local vet at 18 months old as I had a lump in my neck – well I did love chewing bushes.

The lump was removed and that was supposed to be that !! – the lump went for testing -when it came back I was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer – null cell.

My owners were very upset – they had lost my big best friend Barney the previously year at 13yrs to cancer – couldn’t believe it could happen again in such a short time and with such a young dog…..

Read Oliver’s testimonial

Ann (Oliver's owner)

We wanted to thank you for your ongoing support with our various chemo cases. It is a huge help to have your expert advice on hand.

In particular I wanted to let you know that our first case that you helped me with – ‘Hope’, the cat with lymphoma is continuing to do really well 18 months post diagnosis and 6 months since her last dose of chemo.

Alphavet Veterinary Centre

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Why are we called Hawk and Dove?

The hawk and dove represent the two most important aspects we need to consider when providing veterinary cancer treatment.

The Hawk represents the need for a watchful and aggressive treatment directed at the pet’s tumour or cancer. The Dove represents the compassionate approach needed to ensure that the treatment recommended is the best option for the pet and its family.

Our belief is that through balancing these two aspects we will achieve the best quality of life possible, whilst also trying to give owners as long as possible with their beloved pet.