What our clients and patients say

I am a springer spaniel who is in love with life – too much I am told.

I came into the world full of fun – always in bother and often called a pain in the neck -still am!!
Was taken to my local vet at 18 months old as I had a lump in my neck – well I did love chewing bushes.

The lump was removed and that was supposed to be that !! – the lump went for testing -when it came back I was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer – null cell.

My owners were very upset – they had lost my big best friend Barney the previously year at 13yrs to cancer – couldn’t believe it could happen again in such a short time and with such a young dog.

My owners at the start were not sure what was best – if just to let me be and live my very short life or go forward and investigate treatment options in the hope of extending my life but more importantly my quality of life as a silly springer…

Went and met Professor Knottenbelt had a long chat on treatments and options and it was taken on board the type of doggie I was and the strong belief of my owners that quality is more important to them than quantity. It was decided I would start into chemotherapy.

I didn’t keep well but with the phenomenal support I received – we won through the 6 months of treatment. I was in remission. That was 4 and half years ago.

I am still in remission – I get regular checks to monitor my condition. Over the years I have created several lumps and have a range of underlying health issues, but the support has been there from Professor Knottenbelt to my owners, local vets and the other vet specialists – that support has been second to none.

My owners believe strongly in the quality of my life especially with the type of dog I am and have with the support of Professor Knottenbelt kept me the happy go lucky boy that you would see if you met me!!

Ann (Oliver's owner)

I think that the best outcome from our consultation is that I feel I understand what is going on so much better, and it is so much easier to make decisions when you feel in command of the available facts!

I wanted to give you some feedback as we are really pleased with the oncology support that you have offered to us recently. We have seen an increase in cases being handled in house and this is great for the patients as well as the business. The team have a greater confidence as they are seeing more cases and its great to know that we have support close at hand.

Head of Clinical Standards, Inglis Veterinary Centres

“It helped greatly doing the consultation with you, as it made it easier to understand his condition and treatment options. You are truly a credit to your profession.”