What we offer to pet owners

Having a pet that has been diagnosed with a tumour or cancer can be extremely distressing. We understand how hard it can be to work out the right thing to do for your pet. That’s why Clare offers accessible oncology support that can be tailored to your pets needs.

We are 100% committed to placing your pet’s quality of life as our number one priority. This means that treatment plans may need to be tailored to your pet’s needs, taking into account personal and family situations and the logistics of getting treatment delivered.

For some pets, the best option may be palliative care and Clare will help you understand the impact of all the options available. In many cases treatment can be delivered locally by your own vets with Clare’s advice and support.

If you decide to have complex treatment then Clare will arrange a referral to the most appropriate hospital for surgery, radiotherapy or medical treatments.

Clare is experienced in supporting discussions about end of life care and can support you so that you feel able to navigate this difficult journey.

Who will I see at my consultation?
All consultations are run by Clare Knottenbelt who has many years of experience in treating pets with cancer. She is an RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Medicine who previously worked at the University of Glasgow as a Professor of Small Animal Medicine and Oncology. She set up Hawk and Dove Vets to allow her to provide support to owners and vets across the world.

What are the Consultation options?
Online consultation
An initial 60-minute online consultation costs £196 and is run through Zoom. This can be done from the comfort of your own home and multiple family members can join the call as required. Follow-up consultations are also available (£96).
During the consultation Clare will find out more about your pet, explain what the diagnosis means, establish the impact the disease has on your pet’s life and explain the various treatment options available. As Clare is not able to examine your pet herself, this is not suitable for a patient that is very unwell. After the consultation your vet will be sent a full report on the options discussed with you and details of any treatment required.

Face to Face Consultations
Clare is based in Central Scotland and can therefore offer face to face consultations at various practices across the central belt of Scotland. Broadleys veterinary Hospital in Stirling acts as her main base and there she has access to advanced imaging such as CT, ultrasound and endoscopy. Broadleys hospital is experienced in delivering chemotherapy and can administer treatment protocols under Clare’s guidance where this is preferred. The cost of the consultation varies between practices but is in the region of £400 for an initial 60 minute consultation.

How do I organise a consultation?
Prior to the consultation we will need access to your pet’s medical records and we will need the consent of your own vet.
Once your vet has sent through the history, we will arrange a suitable time for your consultation.
You can request a referral from your vet using the following template.

Email Template:
Dear ……
I would like to request an online referral consultation with Clare Knottenbelt at Hawk and Dove Vets to discuss my pet’s treatment options. This can be requested at the following link
With kindest regards

Vet to Vet Advice
Clare also provides advice to vets in practice. This can be a cost-efficient way to get more information. Your vet will discuss the advice with you directly. If you would like your vet to get advice please ask them to submit the case information here

My vet wants to refer me elsewhere what should I do?
There are many referral practices offering oncology referrals. It is up to you to decide where you want to go and who you want to see. Some practices have preferred partners for referral and may assume that works for you and your pet. You are free to decide for yourself what works best for you. Your vet is obliged to share the medical notes with us if you request this.

Insurance claims
Most insurance companies will cover the costs associated with an oncology referral. We can provide support to ensure that claims are processed. We do not offer direct claims. Some companies have preferred providers; however you are free to choose where you want your pet to be seen. It is worth contacting your insurance provider in advance to confirm that there are no restrictions placed on your insurance before you incur significant costs.

I have Clare to thank for providing such compassionate, gold standard treatment within days of diagnosis for my two dogs.

After being in the unfortunate position of having two of my dogs diagnosed within two days of each other.

One with Lymphoma
One with liver mass

Clare had arranged both an online consult and in practice consult with both of them the next day.

She clearly explained our options, discussed scan results and co-ordinated their treatment plans with the soft tissue surgeon. Just what was required as a client when faced with the challenge of finding the best options for your pet.

To have Clare take the lead in providing such integrative healthcare has been fantastic for myself, my dogs but also as a great point of contact for the vets and specialists treating them.

Fantastic help and advice at a difficult time.

Lou Campbell

“It helped greatly doing the consultation with you, as it made it easier to understand his condition and treatment options. You are truly a credit to your profession.”

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