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Finding Sustainable Empowerment:

Finding Sustainable Empowerment is a 12 week 1 to 1 coaching program individually tailored to help vets who feel out of control, exhausted and stuck in a cycle of busy-ness. The program is delivered through hourly online coaching sessions to enable busy people to fit the sessions in at times that work for them.

Sustainability is a buzz word now. It represents our new understanding that to survive we need to manage our use of limited planetary resources. The same applies to our personal resources. Our energy, time, strength, creativity and love are all limited and yet we often allow our resources to become depleted. This can leave us feeling exhausted, disillusioned and disheartened and unable to lead the life we hoped for.

Finding Sustainable Empowerment shows you new ways of making the most of your personal resources, ensuring that they can be renewed, supported and developed. Allowing you to become inspired and dynamic and to take back control of your life making it better for you and those around you.


Finding your Best Self Workshop

Finding your best self is a 3-hour online workshop for up to 12 people designed to take help you escape from a sense of overwhelming busy-ness and find new sources of energy and strength. If you feel short on time and energy most of the time, then this work shop will help you understand where you are being depleted and shows you simple tools to allow you to replenish your energy and inner strength.


Finding Fulfilment Workshop

Finding fulfilment is a 3 hour online workshop for up to 12 people designed to help you identify the barriers to fulfilment that have been holding you back and give you the tools to find a vision for your future that is aligned with your purpose in life.

If you are struggling to combine work and home life, feel like you are doing it all badly and wonder what all the hard graft to get to this point has actually been for, then this workshop will give you clarity on why you have been sticking with it. If you have considered changing careers or even stopping work to regain some balance in your life, this workshop will give you tools to help you identify what it is that could give you the purpose and self-worth you truly want from your life.


“When I started Clare’s coaching course as a vet, mother, wife and business owner with a strong sense of imposter syndrome, I never imagined the impact it would have in my life.

As Clare is also a vet, wife, mother and business owner, her advice and her knowledge of how to work through each aspect of my life and pull me up have been quite life-changing. Clare has an extraordinary way of asking exactly the right questions and bringing out the very best answers through her coaching methods.

I have loved every session. I can only recommend Clare so highly to other professionals to experience exactly what I have and carry such positivity forward in every avenue of my life.”


Vet, Business Owner